Fighting The Good Fight Against the Apple Horde

apple apple apple apple apple

They just keep coming. Wave after wave of apples from the fall portion of the summer farm-share.

Here’s the collection of recipes stocked against future apple attacks.

  1. Apple Pie #1: Sour Cream Apple Pie
  2. Apple Pie #2: Structural-Integrity-Apples Apple Pie
  3. Apple Pie #3: Cheddar Apple Skillet Pie (at the bottom of the page is the skillet variation)
  4. Apple Pie #4: Caramel Apple Pie
  5. Apple Pie #5: Alton Brown’s Super Apple Pie (Track down the good eats episode on youtube if you haven’t seen it. I must buy a fluted tart pan and pie bird next time.)
  6. Apple Cake (bakes for 1 1/2 hours, but makes the house smell wonderful in recompense for lost time)
  7. Apple Butter in a Crock Pot (2 jars for us, several more for holiday gifts)
  8. Crab Apple Liqeur (let this sit on the counter for a couple of weeks after straining before consuming: it gets nicer)
  9. Caramel Apples (video…do this recipe with Lady Apples, then dip in chocolate)
  10. Apple Rosemary Turnovers
  11. The Apple Pancake (Dutch Baby)
  12. Apple Buttermilk Muffins
Also, we learned that a bushel of apples is about 9 1/2 gallons of apples, so you should never bet anyone a bushel of apples for any reason. Neither the winner nor the loser will be happy with the arrangement.
What do you do with your apples?

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