Episode 1: Emergency Thanksgiving

In the style of John Hodgeman (of the Daily Show), Salt Boy declared yesterday to be Emergency Thanksgiving. He had never cooked a Turkey before, and after years of careful study under Alton Brown and Harold McGee, it was time to conquer the bird for himself. He and Sugar Girl spent the weekend preparing turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, beautifully browned brussels sprouts, and cheddar-crust apple pie. All of Salt Boy’s friends gathered around his tiny New York apartment dinner table, stuffed themselves, and tottered back to the subway in the wee hours.

In the aftermath, Sugar Girl turned to Salt Boy and said, “We have to start keeping track of this crap. Go set up a blog.” He procrastinated, but she set up the blog you see before you.

These are the chronicles of Salt Boy and Sugar Girl, who spend their days in the world of finance and economics, but spend their nights and weekends obsessing over the finer points of umami and pastry cream. With any luck, the next episode with involve less ridiculous literary choices, and more hints on how to replicate what we did last time…